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Hunting for the Northern Lights

A Private Super Jeep Excursion
A Super Jeep Excursion - Private Tour

To see the Northern Lights we need to get away from the city lights and the Moon light.  We need to find a cloud free sky; we need to have a solar wind towards planet Earth.  And to get all this at the same time at the same place, we need a bit of experience and luck.

Departures only happen on promising evenings, as we go searching for the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, on lonely mountain trails in the darkness.


​Some say that the Northern Lights are the Spirit of those on the other side.

Practical information
  • Season: September - April

  • Pick up time: On Request

  • Duration: 3 – 4 hours

  • Northern Lights sightings can not been guaranteed.

  • Total distance covered: 50 – 150 km

  • The route may vary due to season, road, snow, weather and Northern Lights conditions.

  • English speaking driver guide, other languages on request.

  • Recommended: 
    Good shoes, warm wind- + waterproof clothes. Camera, tripod, beverages and food.

  • Departures from hotels outside Reykjavík on request.

  • Meals are not included.


Private tour

1   Passenger        80.000,-

2   Passangers      85.000,-

3   Passengers      90.000,-              

4   Passengers      100.000,-            

5   Passengers      110.000,-            

6   Passengers      120.000,-            

7   Passengers      133.000,-            

8   Passengers      144.000,-            

9   Passengers      153.000,-            

10 Passengers      160.000,-

11 Passengers       165.000,-

12 Passengers       168.000,-

13 Passengers      169.000,-

14 Passengers      170.000.-